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Caribbean Rhythms

The Taste

Simple in taste and versatile in use, Swimming Pigs is a palatable gin with exotic flavors true to the last drop. This gin journeys through the Islands where the sun shines intensely, the sand wiggles between your toes, and to a cay where even pigs swim.

Like the joyful swimming pigs idly paddling through the clear waters of the Bahamas, this gin goes down swimmingly. Its straightforward smooth flavor will transport you to this tranquil setting.

The Smell

This gin offers a seriously Caribbean assault on the nasal passage, with warm tropical and floral notes. Fruits of all colors greet the nose in a pleasant aroma creating a sense of excitement that might even make you dance. The smell is a tropical punch, with melons, berries and passion fruit, that instantly teleport you to a sandy beach.

This gin goes down swimmingly!

"We are super excited to be the first bar to stock this lovely spirit - created by one of our lovely regulars."

Jake & Josh, Craft Beer Company St. Mary Axe


"A unique gin that stands out from the crowd. The vocal tropical presence warms the heart and eases the mind. Drinking this gin reminds me of the beach."

Miles, Swimming Pigs Customer


"Original, crisp, clean and moreish. This is the gin of all tropical gins!"

Paul, Manager - City Bar & Kitchen

Brought a bottle to Barcelona!

"I was lucky to stumble upon Swimming Pigs while in London, so I brought a bottle with me to Barcelona. I never found a gin that fits so well with the sunny days like Swimming Pigs does - it’s fruity, it´s floral, and it brings a big smile to my face."

Filipe, Swimming Pigs Customer

A Twist on Tradition

"In The Bahamas and the Caribbean, citrus fruits are widely used in drinks and food. These fruits are a staple source of refreshment for any Island diet."

Island life often involves climbing trees to retrieve the most flavorful and ripe citrus fruits, plums and coconuts—sometimes in trees that shouldn’t be climbed at all. In tropical climates, these fruits are plentiful and hard to go unnoticed.

At Swimming Pigs, we have selected a variety of these fruits to create a unique, slightly mysterious and balanced mix of juniper and tropical flavors that will keep you wanting just another sip.      

Come swim with us.

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