The Swimming Pigs Story


The Founder & Company

Swimming Pigs Ltd. is a specialized craft gin company established in England, in the Year of the Pig, by Bahamian native Anthony Reckley. “It started with my love of gin, The Bahamas and the Caribbean, and the real swimming pigs,” Tony said. “It is my belief that Swimming Pigs will change the way gin tastes, smells and even how it makes you feel. As traditional as gin may seem, Swimming Pigs still manages to turn this spirit on its head.”

It was Tony’s vision to make a gin that represents the Islands. With rum being the thing of the Caribbean at large, he set out to put a twist on tradition by not just creating a mere substitution, but a go-to gin. Swimming Pigs is infused with fruits and botanicals unique to Tony’s childhood and reflects flavors that he finds delightful. It holds true to the tropical and exotic fruits that are well known to all Islanders.


The Name “Swimming Pigs Gin”

The spirit is named after a phenomenon found deep in the Islands of The Bahamas. Feral pigs occupy the cay known as Big Major Cay, which is more commonly known as Pig Beach. The Swimming Pigs are one of the hidden jewels of The Bahamas.

Legend has it that these pigs were survivors of a shipwreck dating back to the early ’90s. However, some say they were left there on purpose, to one day be served-up. Whatever their origin may be, the swimming pigs were swiftly incorporated into Bahamian culture.

So cheers to the Swimming Pigs and keeping them swimming OINK OINK!