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Swimming Pigs Small Batch Caribbean Gin

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Caribbean inspired and Bahamian made in the United Kingdom. Swimming Pigs Gin is made with a selection of fruits and botanicals. Vibrant flavour profile throughout, filled with zesty fruit and subtle spice - fantastic neat or in a G&T, with lots of refreshing fruit thrown in for good measure. Swimming Pigs Gin represents the islands of The Bahamas and the Caribbean in a major way. The name was even inspired by Big Major Cay (also known as Pig Beach), a cay in the Exuma's where feral pigs indeed swim in the beach's shallow waters!

Distinct grapefruit, lime and pine notes, with sweet simmering notes of coconut, almond, vanilla and sharp green apple in the background. A soft hint of spice lingers on the palate, leading to a long, warming and complex fruit-forward finish.

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